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How LipoTranz® works?

How LipoTranz® Works?
Melt - Move - Flush
The goal of Lipotranz® is to reduce stubborn fat from specific areas of the body without surgery and reset the body's metabolism so it doesn't store excess stubborn fat. This is achieved through
    • Fat Liquefaction: target and melt stubborn fat
    • Fat Mobilization: increase circulation to quickly move the melted fat
    • Fat Elimination: flush and detoxify the body to excrete melted fat & toxins


    • Lipotranz® MELT: melts fat, tightens skin
    • Lipotranz® MOVE: mobilizes melted fat, increases muscle tone
    • Lipotranz® FLUSH: flushes fat and detoxifies the body

Think of it as meltmoveflush. This is our exclusive, advanced MMF Technology toreduce fat and treat cellulite without surgery.


    • No surgery, no pain and no downtime
    • Targeted fat loss
    • Tighten loose skin
    • Safe, rapid weight loss
    • Reduce cellulite
    • Rejuvenate, contour and reshape the body
    • Medically supervised, fast, safe, effective

We can do this without surgery while achieving similar or better results than surgery.

Schedule your FREE treatment now. Need to know more? Ask our expert medical staff.

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What is Resistant Fat Syndrome


Resistant Fat Syndrome (RFS,) is a medical condition where individuals are unable to lose weight or maintain weight loss despite extreme diets and exercise, medical treatments, weight loss surgery or even liposuction.

Most people struggle with weight loss because of resistant fat syndrome. This condition is characterized by three key factors:

  • Excess fat accumulation
  • Toxic & hormonal build up in fat cells
  • Inactivation of fat cells due to decrease lymphatic circulation

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Do I have Resistant Fat


The only way to find out if you have Resistant Fat Syndrome is to schedule a Cosmetic Evaluation. The InfiniTrim Cosmetic Evaluation is a 24 point, full body, cosmetic check up that evaluates your:

  • Skin
  • Lymphatics
  • Fat distribution patterns
  • Hormonal and toxic levels

The cosmetic evaluation is designed to diagnose Resistant Fat Syndrome and determine the best approach to help you live infinitely sexy and forever young. Based on your results, we determine the best treatments to help you achieve your best body without surgery.

Based on your specific needs we show you how to:

  • Remove belly fat without surgery
  • Resolve resistant fat syndrome & lose weight permanently
  • Get rid of cellulite
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Contour, reshape and rejuvenate the body
  • Reverse / slow down the aging process

Get started now with a FREE Lipotranz® treatment


Your InfiniTrim Cosmetic Evaluation includes:

  • 24-point full body cosmetic check up
  • 24-point report showing you how to get your best body ever
  • FREE Lipotranz® treatment with guaranteed at least 1 inch loss
  •  * $100 discount when you schedule online
  •  * Money back guarantee
  •  * FREE Resistant fat removal report

Don't spend another dollar on weight loss products and services until you get your InfiniTrim Cosmetic Evaluation.

Schedule now.

Schedule your FREE treatment now. Need to know more? Ask our expert medical staff.

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InfiniTrim Cosmetic Medical Center® offers Lipotranz® instant fat removal (liposuction without surgery),  LaserTranz™ laser hair removal (permanent hair removal), and DermaTranz skin rejuvenation (Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peel, Botox, Thermage) to men and women who want fast results without pain, downtime or life disruption caused by plastic surgery. Our core expertise is to remove belly fat without surgery, and permanently remove facial hair, underarm and bikini brazilian hair removal and skin rejuvenation. No one else does it better.

We've been doing it since 2001! Using advanced aesthetic medical techniques such as LipoLaserlaser lipolysisUltrasound (LiposonixUltrashape), Radiofrequency (lipo-EX, Velashape, thermage), laser hair removal and other advanced technology. Our expert aesthetic medical team helps you achieve your best body without going under the knife. InfiniTrim® continually innovates to remain cutting edge.

Truth in Business. We understand the nature of people who care about their appearance. We get you! We've been there. Our greatest satisfaction is to help you achieve your cosmetic goals through honest dealing and truthfulness. From your consultation to your treatment, expect a partnership based on truth, mutual respect, honesty and integrity.